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The Boss in My Head

My left brain said:ZeusView
Make money, be fed,
Get educated, do jobs,
Amidst right brain sobs
Fight for other’s rights,
Ignore inner insights.

Skill will out
Talent scout;
Soul’s lament

My calling was to teach
Without creative reach;
What called after me
Seemed pure fantasy,
Yet being smart
Sliced my heart.

Unlived time
As life slogs on
Three-quarters gone.

When one day
I chose replay–
Right brain song
Ignored too long
The right way dance
Another chance.

In the know
Right shadow:
Be true
Be you.

No left brain logic
Stops nature’s music
As shadow thought
Unrealized, unsought,
Becomes my reality





Fresh water pool fed
by silver-tipped waves
and rushing current
made smooth by a circle
of concentric rings
round and round until
I sit alone, in the center
and take one deep breath
happy to have found
asylum before undertow
pressure spills me out
the far side into
midstream rapids.

Full Spectrum Love

I loved with a capital dstatue
A torch held high
Above rational doubt
Soul killer flame free
Casting shadow lie –
Unreliable scout
With no more substance
Than flickering desire
Tip-toeing soft, unsure
Rose petal dance
Beneath heart-fed fire
And loneliness cure
So bright, so wrong
Polarized lenses cover
Sensitive eye sight
Unused to peering long
At full spectrum lover
Shining sunshine bright
Until torch flame descent
Lower, lower to ground
Dissolving into night
All silhouette absent
Where sparks surround
Bare, unbound feet
Charred during attempt
To rekindle hope
And white hot heat
And all dreams dreamt
When uninformed me
Loved with a capital d.

The Truth in Conversation

puzzleBudhaHe said, she said: Blah, blah, blah

Observed, dissected, examined, valued

As incompatible definitions intersect –

The promised results weighted in favor

Of sincere stories or self-professed truth

To discern picture puzzle shapes

Inside gender-body-driver influenced

By genetic bias or upbringing taboos,

All masking what only mathematics

May proclaim as the one, eternal truth.