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Perched on my fence drawn by food
City backyards provide, predator with wing span
So large, so unnecessary within urban sprawl,
It dares to navigate one hop at a time
Fearful sky roadblocks and free fall hazards
Only to question: belly full or solitary freedom?

What does it mean to be unfettered
If cages are built to hold inside
Wings unused, original flight plans
Unrealized when praise is the main course
Feeding body, not unformed spirit
Trying to fly higher, always higher.

A story unread but proudly written
Faces the trap of accessibility;
Write to publish or right to maintain
Dense, though unfathomable, style
Regardless of reader understanding.
If no one reads it, are you an author?



Holiday Guilt

Holiday alone?Alone
Shame on you,
Society whispers
Must be your fault
Volunteer, potluck it,
Spend holidays in
A room full of strangers
Because you should
Heart-tearing guilt
Your fault isn’t it?
No family, few friends,
Society-driven guilt
When, in reality,
It’s one single day
Go out, play,
Do what you need
Not what society says
You should do.

Make’Em Fly


Close proximity
Denies timidity;
One photo click
A time bomb tick.