A Writer's Life

Living Creatively


In the corner huddled Kindness, shivering in fear
as Anticipation laughed and joked with Prurient Interest
while their friend Sarcasm donned a Humor disguise,
laughing at Hope, as though bedding Prestige
was not a sin. Soon Judgement announced
the arrival of pure Hatred, newly divorced from Emotion
after losing custody of Empathy and Sympathy
only because Prejudice had no room in its tiny heart. They
wait, wait, waited for the master to arrive, the final judge
and jury –invited by ancient Cruelty, a life-long friend
to Ambivalence because how else could people watch
the ashes rise from crematoriums or allow sterilization
and capital punishment and violent, hurtful word sports?
Surprise left the room, no longer relevant when
everyone realized the room’s walls were papered with
dried human flesh and floored by bone fragment tiles.
Today’s caterer would be Hope, but no one, not even
Kindness took a bite as Fear’s junk food dominated.
“Come one, come all,” cried Ignorance “and watch the
collective mob we’ve created rule at last!”


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